After a day of heavy rain, the sun finally came out for the latest evening “10” at Fowlmead. However, the weather obviously deterred a large number of riders making what could have been a wasted journey. Just 11 riders signed on, 10 seniors and 1 junior, and they had to contend with a strong SW wind and a rather wet and dirty track.

The junior rider was Olly Dickson, who went round in 25.15. Fastest senior was Jason McGowan, (Bike Chain Ricci), up from Cornwall to visit his dad Ewen, who also rode. Jason recorded 21.57, whilst the honour of fastest Thanet RC rider went to Jim Dickson in second place with 24.29.

Times are in the attached files.

Helpers this week were Teresa Childs, Terry Fearn, Jenny Fearn, Simon Henderson, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Seniors Fowlmead 26th August.xls

Juniors Fowlmead 26th August.xls