Club riders made up a fair proportion of a small field for the De Laune CC “10” on the Isle of Grain course. It was a tough day with a head/cross wind on the way to the turn, which made it difficult to hold a steady line, as well as trying to maintain some resemblance of speed. The return leg was fast, but for most riders, too much time had been lost on the way to the turn.

It was a successful day for Nic Fennell taking the win with 20.38, holding off Kevin Tye of Velorefined by a handful of seconds.

Times of all club riders in start order as follows:-

Dave Mastin: 28.25,
Andy McCall: 26.44,
Natasha Jarman (2nd claim): 26.48,
Mike Perry: 31.52,
Nic Fennell: 20.38,
Paul Griffiths: 28.44,
Simon Charles: 27.33,
Malcolm Adams (2nd claim): 29.30
Simon Henderson: 23.15,
Andy Burrows: 28.51.

Report by Dave Mastin.