Hope you are all looking forward to the TRC ‘Channel Ports’ 4up Team Time Trial.

Thanks to Channel Ports for supporting this annual ‘fun’ event.

To help with smooth running on the night please find a few pointers to help.

Signing and number issuing will only be until 18.15 inside the visitors centre

Entry fee is TRC members £3.00, other adults £5.00, under 18’s £1.00 per rider

All teams must present as a team of 4 to sign on and get your numbers

When you have signed on and paid you will receive your number.

Team numbers will be limited to 30.

The start will be on the straight just past the cut through

First team off at 18.30 then minute intervals

Ride direction will be counter clockwise

The event will be 7 laps – at the end of the 7th lap enter the cut through to finish

Teams will be made up of riders from age 7 to 84 so please make other riders aware of when, how and where you will be overtaking on the track

Overtaking other teams – Please ride safely and overtake on the right hand shoulders of the team in front

Remember this is a club event so help us all enjoy it

Un sportsmanlike behaviour will result in disqualification

Please heed any instructions from the marshals

Please remember to proceed with caution after finishing as other teams will still be riding.

Times will be recorded by the 3rd rider in the team crossing the line.

Please shout your number to the time keeper.

Times may be available in the car park after the event or will be published on the TRC website/facebook

Please do not approach the time keeper before this

We all hope you enjoy this fun event.

For this event only the park will be open until 21:00

Simon Henderson

Thanet Road Club Time Trial Secretary