This event was held in the Isle of Grain course in warm but breezy conditions, with a tailwind to the turn which was welcome as the course is uphill on the outward leg. However, the return leg was a challenge into the wind

The club had a good number of riders entered for this event but there were several non starters. Of those that rode, a number managed to get onto the list of prize winners. Second claim member Jon Parker, (Team Bottrill) was first with 20.23, which is a new course record. Dan Martin was third overall and fastest junior with 22.09, while Nicola Goodban was the first lady with 26.04. Simon Henderson was 5th overall and winner of his age category, and second claimer Chris Bax also won his age category. I think that Dan, Simon and Martin Russell may have won the award for fastest team of three. This is to be confirmed.

Times in starting order:-
Andy Macpherson, second claim: DNF
Dave Mastin: 26.39
Colin Inett: 29.26
Andy McCall: 26.18
Paul Kelk: 26.04
Malcolm Adams, second claim: 29.11
Simon Henderson: 22.44
Martin Russell: 24.48
Dan Martin: 22.09
Chris Bax, second claim: 24.55
Heidi Hammond, second claim: 28.18
Nicola Goodban: 26.04
Jon Parker, second claim: 20.23

Report by Dave Mastin