There was a good turnout of club members for the Catford CC 25 mile time trial. This was held on the Brenzett-Ashford course, often referred to as the Hamstreet by-pass. The general consensus was that conditions were quite hard. Andy Burrows didn’t finish, having issues with his chain, and Martin Russell went off course and lost a bit of time.

Times, in starting order:
Jim Dickson: 1.04.14
Simon Henderson: 58.55
Seb Dickson: 56.54
Martin Russell:1.06.41
Mark Palmer: 1.00.31
Paul Kelk: 1.05.36
Colin Inett: 1.11.50
Olly Dickson: 1.04.02
Gary Russell: 1.04.58
Dave Mastin: 1.07.44

Second claim member Chris Fennell recorded a very good time of 53.44, and fastest overall was Kevin Tye with 52.27

Report by Dave Mastin

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