Posted by Jim Dickson, Secretary

This week, I was contacted by the Town Clerk of Broadstairs about a large group of cyclists who had ignored some of the no-cycling stretches of the Viking Train on Thursday 14 May 15. The official had checked our website, was complimentary about the club and knew that we did not have any events on this date; there was no suggestion that anyone in TRC was at fault. This was more a case of sharing information and promoting the message of considerate and legal use of this route.

As a prominent local cycling club it is inevitable that we get contacted about local incidents involving cyclists. We should all be aware of this when we go out on the roads. It goes without saying that we take such incidents seriously and that we are committed to the highest standards of conduct. Unfortunately, the reality is that the appearance of the sun and the current boom in cycling means that there are many groups of riders out and about and it is sad that not all of them are so considerate.

In this case, I promised to pass on the message about complying with the no-cycling sections of the Viking Trail to the membership, hence this post.


Secretary Thanet Road Club