Posted by Jim DIckson, Thanet RC Sec

Thanet Road Club Marshal duties for Kent Cycling Association events

TRC members enjoy an active calendar of Time Trial races each year. We are always well represented in these events with our club being one of the more active clubs in Kent. Of course, these races cannot be held without marshals and it is important that we take our share of these duties.

In 2014 we supported several events, in particular the 12 hour and the KCA25 in September, and we fulfilled our duty commitment

All TRC riders completing in Kent Cycling Association (KCA) time trials in 2015 are expected to help out by marshalling at KCA events in 2015 – All other members are more than welcome to volunteer to marshal at KCA events .

TRC have to provide 18 marshals at KCA events in 2015. On behalf of TRC we have committed to fill 9 places at the 13th Sept KCA 25 Ian Ferrell (VC Deal) Q25/10

Please read and understand the message below from Pat Hill (President KCA), who is coordinating the effort – to make your commitment please contact Pat Hill direct at]. Pat would be grateful to receive names as soon as possible. Event promoters may provide monies to cover expenses.

Message from Pat Hill, President of KCA:

‘The first Association event will soon be upon us and I am writing to you as I did last year to ask you to supply marshals for us during the season, in proportion to the number of rides you had from us in 2014. This rule worked very well when it came into force last year and certainly made our promoters’ lives much easier when I was able to furnish them with a complete list of names for each of the compulsory CTT Risk-Assessed marshalling points on their course, well before their event. I must make it clear that I am not asking for timekeepers or tea-bars but purely marshalling duties from each club. I show below the number of marshals we ask you to provide and a list of our events that need help. Please choose any event(s) you can help with and I will do my best to allocate them to you. As I said last year, the KCA realises that some of you already promote TT events of your own and we sympathise, but we hope you will understand that we have to consider only what each club puts into the KCA as an hitherto unspoken condition of membership, as our survival is most important to us and Kent cycling generally, as we are the only Kent organisation capable of organising the BBAR long-distance events, thanks to all your help.

An early reply would be appreciated as the 3-Up is not far away. We will do our best to allocate you to your chosen dates. We realise that people may find it difficult to book dates this early on so we can leave definite names until later in the season, but must warn you that the 100 and 12 Hour will probably be the only choices left by then. Esther does try to have a 4 hour rota at some points in the 12 Hour. We also remind volunteers that if they make a date then find they are unable to honour it on the day, they will be expected to find a replacement for us. We had only a couple of cases of this happening to a promoter last season. Please make this clear to you members.

Please note that we now give a personal allowance to all our promoters plus a generous sum to allow them to reimburse their helpers in appreciation of their services, in addition to giving promoters 2 free tickets to our Annual Lunch.


5th April KCA 25 Le Anh Luong (Catford CC) Q25/8 – HQ Challock 7 marshals

14th June KCA 100 Peter Hayes (Catford CC) HQ Kingsnorth Pavilion 25 marshals

23rd Aug KCA 12 Hour Esther Carpenter (S’boro & DW) Q12 HQ Bethersdan VH 49 marshals,

13th Sept KCA 25 Ian Ferrell (VC Deal) Q25/10 HQ to be advised 9 marshals-I have committed on behalf of TRC to fulfil the commitment for this event

Best wishes for 2015,

Pat Hill (President KCA)’