Junior Championship TROPHY-5a



Ray Jessett (1935-1995) was born in Camberwell, southeast London and started cycling as a teenager. He bought his first bike with money borrowed from his uncle (his Dad wouldn’t lend it to him as he preferred him to go fishing). Cycling was Ray’s way of escaping London and making friends, and it soon progressed to time trialling.
Ray joined Bromley Road Club in 1952 and raced at events over the southeast with the Poore brothers (Bob and Tony) and Dave Palmer.  Charlie Poore (father) converted a dark blue Comma van to use as the race support vehicle. Ray competed in many events and achieved some notable wins, best performances included; 58:09 (25miles); 1:12:49 (30miles, 3-up); 1:17:29 (30miles solo); 1:59:44 (50miles); 4:29:41 (100miles): 234.5miles (12hour); and 422miles (24hours).  Riding with Bob Poore and Dave Palmer, Ray won the Catford 24hrs team event with the three riders finishing within a mile of each other.
Ray met Jean (Wells) at BRC and they married in 1959.  They moved into their first house in Kemsing, Kent in 1961. This gave Ray a 24mile ride to and from work in Central London.  In 1965 Ray and Jean moved to the village of Elham in the North Downs, only eight miles from Rays new place of work in Folkestone.
With the move to Elham, Ray and Jean joined Folkestone Cycling Club.  Ray continued to race, principally with Ron Gardiner and Steve Earnshaw.  This team of three won the Kent Cycling Association (KCA) Team BAR with an average speed of 22.348 miles per hour.
The 1970s and early 1980s saw limited cycling for Ray though in his last few years (early 1990s) he returned to riding. During this time, he joined the Thanet Road Club (TRC), always keen to support club events and encourage young riders.
Ray died in December 1995 and the cup was donated shortly after via Folkestone CC. His wife, Jean Jessett, lives in Orpington and is still riding a couple of days a week at 81yrs.

Photo shows Ray at his first track event, Essex, late 1950s.

1996 M. Smith 21.50
1997 A. Archer 20.58
1998 A. Archer 21.53
1999 P. Woodman 21.06
2000 D. Akam & R. Smith 21.39
2001 R. Smith 20.37
2002 R. Fenton 21.06
2003 P. Burrows 21.16
2004 A. Proffitt 20.59
2005 P. Bull 21.29
2006 S. Castle 21.59
2007 K. Tye 21.38
2008 J. Lyons G.S. Invicta, 22.59
2009 P. Burrows 21.42
2010 P. Tadros In Gear R.T., 20.48
2011 K. Tye 20.51
2012 T. Bailey 21.38
2013 J. Parker 21.42
2014 S. Bradford 22;04
2015 Gary Record 21:34
2016 Kevin Tye (Velo Refined) 20:41
2017 Bill Hawkes 22:07
2018 Dan Martin (UoBCC) 20:41
2019 Chris Fennell 18:04
2020 Not Awarded
2021 Chris Fennell 18:03
2022 Nic Fennell 19:11
2023 Nic Fennell 19:06