Jim Braginton TROPHY-29



Jim (10.06.36 – 22.01.91) and was a marine claims assessor and active rider and club committee member. He came to Thanet from CC Bexley in the late sixties and took on the role of secretary/treasurer in 1969, reviving the club from its sixties’ low ebb when it amalgamated with Canterbury due to the low membership, down to fourteen when Jim took the helm. When he resigned in 1982 membership had increased to 88 and funds by over twentyfold. By then he had held nearly every role in the club; general secretary, treasurer, press and social secretary as well as coach. He was renowned for his meticulous organisation of open time trials, sea front criteriums (72-79 Westbrook Seafront and 81 in Ramsgate) and winter training classes.

Dave Cooper, sports editor of The Times wrote “There was never a dull moment when Jim was around. He lived his life to the full and undoubtedly believed he had years left of his prime when the fates decided otherwise. He will be sadly missed but long remembered.”

Photo shows Jim officiating at The Prospect Inn.

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