Junior Championship TROPHY-5a


For Services to Thanet Road Club
Originally The Cullen Trophy

Awarded annually for services to the club. Nominations to be submitted to the secretary for a ballot among members present at the AGM.
Dave Saffery (1929-2009) was one of the club’s founding members in 1947. From Margate, he was a bricklayer and then taught his trade as a Civilian Instructor in the Prison Service. He held several positions in the club including president, chairman, racing secretary, Newsletter editor and timekeeper. Perhaps his greatest achievement was the compilation of the “History of the Thanet Road Club 1947-97”, a mammoth task which took him several years. It can be downloaded at the club’s heritage page www.thanetrc.org/70th
His last great act for the club, which was very close to his heart being a father of five and grandfather of eleven, was the formation of the Go-Ride. Dave is remembered by many, frequently talked about, always with affection.
Photo shows Dave in 1951.

1989 M. Kneller
1990 D. Saffery
1991 R. Churchyard
1992 R. Churchyard
1993 Not awarded??
1994 C. Howe
1995 A. Edginton
1996 Not awarded??
1997 A. Edginton
1998 C.Bax
1999 D. Saffery
2000 A. McCall
2001 D. Saffery
2002 D. Saffery
2003 Pat & Peter Baxter
2004 D. Saffery
2005 F. Randell
2006 Martin tallontire
2007 Glenys O’Neill
2008 Graham O’Neill
2009 Colin Robinson
2010 Dave Mastin
2011 Terry Fearn
2012 Dave Mastin
2013 Colin Robinson
2014 Emma Dickson
2015 Tony Arnold
2016 Tony Arnold
2017 David Robert
2018 Dave Mastin
2019 Dave Mastin
2020 Not Awarded
2021 Dave Mastin, Andy McCall, Terry Fearn
2022 Colin Inett
2023 Simon Henderson