It was another good turn out of club riders at the VTTA Kent 10 mile time trial, organised by Val Peachey. This was held on the A20 Harrietsham to Charing course, which is not the flattest or fastest 10 mile course in the county. The weather was bright and sunny, but there was a stiff north easterly breeze which kept the temperature down, and made riding somewhat tricky in places as the crosswind buffeted the riders and their bikes.

It was a successful event for club riders, with 5 Thanet riders in the top 10. Nic Fennell was 2nd overall, while Simon Henderson was 5th overall and second in the veterans category on age standard. Bill Hawkes came 3rd overall, while Huck Garip and Mike Kirkness were 7th and 10th overall respectively.

Club times in starting order:-

Paul Kelk: DNS
Mike Kirkness: 22.58 (10th)
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 25.03
Paul Kirkness: 26.18
Colin Inett: 28.04
Scott Meeks: 23.06
Nic Fennell: 21.58 (2nd)
Dave Mastin: 26.42
Bill Hawkes: 22.04 (3rd)
Martin Russell: 25.04
Huck Garip: 22.48 (7th)
Simon Henderson: 22.17 (5th and 2nd veteran)

Report by Dave Mastin.