A good number of Thanet RC riders made the journey to Hollingborne hill near Leeds Castle for the annual painful experience which is the Wigmore CC Hill climb. Top Thanet RC rider was Jason Oram with time of 3.35 in 14th place. Top Thanet Junior was Dan Martin with 4.41 (2nd overall) and top Thanet juvenile was Olly Dickson with 4.17 (2nd overall). Great photos from Dave Hayward if interested (see his website).
Full results were:

Place Name Club Category Result
1st Peter Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT Vet 03:16.0
2nd James Hayward Woolwich CC 03:20.0
3rd Bill Bell Bigfoot CC 03:21.0
4th Ewan Tuohy Catford CC Equipe/Banks 03:21.0
5th Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo Club 03:23.0
6th John Cockrill Abellio SFA RT 03:25.0
7th Paul Vine Wigmore CC Vet 03:27.0
8th Josh Lawless Elite Cycling 03:29.0
9th Ashley Dennis Catford CC Equipe/Banks 03:29.0
10th Sam Bradford PMR @ Toachim House 03:31.0
11th Nick Collins PMR @ Toachim House 03:32.0
12th Barry Stewart Bigfoot CC 03:34.0
13th Peter Merritt VC Deal Jun 03:35.0
14th Jason Oram Thanet RC 03:35.0
15th Matt Kuwertz Southborough & Dist. Whs 03:37.0
16th Daniel Pink Bigfoot CC 03:37.0
17th Christopher Hyde Wigmore CC Juv 03:38.0
18th James Ward Cambridge CC Vet 03:40.0
19th Dominic Campbell Medway Velo Club 03:44.0
20th Peter Pav Bryan Rye & District Wheelers CC 03:46.0
21st Jack Heather Wigmore CC 03:46.0
22nd Crys Hurford Adalta CC 03:48.0
23rd Stuart Burgess In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 03:49.0
24th Daniel Fricker Wigmore CC 03:50.0
25th Scott Wiseman Ashford Wheelers CC 03:52.0
26th Andrew Johnston Medway Velo Club 03:54.0
27th Alex Woolley Medway Velo Club 03:54.0
28th Keith Walker Wigmore CC Vet 03:55.0
29th Neil Walters Abellio SFA RT Vet 03:59.0
30th Chris Cook GS Avanti 03:59.0
31st Steven Chamberlain Quick Release CC 04:00.0
32nd Anthony Westwood Gravesend CC Vet 04:02.0
33rd Adam Mumford Medway Velo Club 04:02.0
34th Matthew Whiting Abellio SFA RT 04:05.0
35th Jake Mitchell Abellio SFA RT 04:07.0
36th Sheridan Bridal Abellio SFA RT Vet 04:09.0
37th Steve Rodgers GS Avanti 04:09.0
38th Jayson Weale Aberdeen Wheelers 04:11.0
39th Steven Smith Medway Velo Club 04:13.0
40th Nigel Smith Southborough & Dist. Whs Vet 04:17.0
41st Oliver Dickson Thanet RC Juv 04:17.0
42nd Lawrence Martin San Fairy Ann CC Vet 04:18.0
43rd Josh Rodgers VeloRefined Aerosmiths 04:18.0
44th Haydon Davis Wigmore CC Juv 04:21.0
45th Matthew Reuter West Kent RC Vet 04:22.0
46th Luke Coleman Quick Release CC 04:22.0
47th Mark Doxey Abellio SFA RT Vet 04:23.0
48th David Bellinger Medway Velo Club Vet 04:25.0
49th Colin Robinson Thanet RC Vet 04:25.0
50th Robert Kennison Medway Velo Club Vet 04:26.0
51st Bronwen Ewing Trainsharp Racing Team Lady/vet 04:27.0
52nd Wayne Tully Quick Release CC 04:27.0
53rd Deborah Percival 34 Nomads CC Lady/vet 04:28.0
54th Michael Newman Ashford Wheelers CC Vet 04:35.0
55th Stewart King Ashford Wheelers CC Vet 04:36.0
56th Oliver Robinson Thanet RC Juv 04:39.0
57th Doug Bentall Southborough & Dist. Whs Vet 04:39.0
58th Daniel Martin Thanet RC Jun 04:41.0
59th Daniel Weale Adalta CC 04:45.0
60th Alan Newman Wigmore CC 04:47.0
61st Victoria Strila Wyndy Milla Lady 04:48.0
62nd Colin Woollard Ashford Wheelers CC Vet 04:50.0
63rd Louise Mason VeloRefined Aerosmiths Lady 04:50.0
64th Sally Smith Medway Velo Club Lady 04:51.0
65th Paul Davis Wigmore CC Vet 04:54.0
66th Franco Della Mura Wigmore CC Vet 04:55.0
67th David Redmond Thanet RC Juv 04:56.0
68th Brian Sturgess Wigmore CC 05:02.0
69th Donald Sharrock Wigmore CC Vet 05:19.0
70th David Bishop Wigmore CC Vet 05:19.0
71st Kate Savage Gravesend CC Lady 05:27.0
72nd Kristy Howells Ashford Wheelers CC Lady 05:40.0
73rd Michael Holmes West Kent RC 05:44.0
74th Luke Easdown Wigmore CC Juv 06:07.0
75th John Willmore San Fairy Ann CC Vet 06:26.0
76th Lesley Newman Ashford Wheelers CC Lady/vet 07:40.0