1. Open Time Trials (including those run by Thanet RC) – These have to be entered in advance and your entry must be with the organiser at least 12 days before the event, or as per the closing date via the CTT website. The times you place on the entry form must have been achieved in a CTT registered event, this means that times achieved in Thanet RC events at Betteshanger are not to be used as these are not CTT events.
  1. Wednesday Thanet RC Club Events – These are run under subtly different conditions.
  1. Thanet Way – These events are run using CTT Regulations since they are run on the public highway and therefore appropriate insurance is required (which is included within rider entry fee and is payable by the club to CTT). Riders must abide by the CTT Regulations – Please familiarise yourself with these Regulations found here https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/articles/view/11
  1. Betteshanger Country Park – These events are run using Thanet RC provided insurance and according to Thanet RC Club Rules section 15(J). The rules for CTT events apply to Thanet RC evening events.

In both cases I would like to bring all riders attention to Rule 21 of CTT regulations. The following is in essence what the rules relates to.

When riding in a Solo event – competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting). If you should catch up another rider you should try to pass as quickly as possible and must not in any circumstances ride close behind so that you take shelter from the wind. You must set your own pace and not use another rider as a pace maker.

Drafting is not allowed in Open events and if seen can result in disqualification and possible reporting to District Committee for further action.

While drafting is tolerated (but certainly not encouraged) in Thanet RC club solo events at Betteshanger, it is not always tolerated by non Thanet RC members. It is accepted that whilst riding at Betteshanger and due to the nature of the course (having multiple laps) it is inevitable that riders will come into close proximity to other riders either overtaking or being overtaken. Riders should therefore overtake safely and avoiding drafting. The requirement to make yourself known to the rider in front, before overtaking is with the rider performing the overtake. Clear and audible instructions (such as “on your left”) is encouraged.

The event organisers will try to set riders off in pairs (or more when necessary) such that riders are NOT equally matched. This is deliberate to try to avoid circumstances where drafting might occur, However, as stated, it may become obvious during the event that you come in close proximity to a rider of similar ability. In these circumstances you are both jointly responsible to ride safely without drafting.

Please call out your number when crossing the finish as sometimes the number can be difficult to read if a pin falls out or the number rides up.

All Solo Records, whether Club Records, Age records or Junior/Juvenile MUST be achieved without drafting.

The Thanet RC evening events, particularly at Betteshanger, are intended to be a fun, relatively safe and challenging opportunity to test yourself. Time Trialling is referred as "the race of truth", and depends only on each rider’s strength and endurance, and not on help provided by others riding ahead and creating a slipstream. We run Team Time Trials to test just this particular skill.

Riding as a “Two Up” (or more) at a solo event is perfectly acceptable so long as this has been made clear to the organiser when signing on.

Please remember that our events attract club riders and individuals. Riders are of all abilities, young and not so young, steady and lightning fast. Everyone should ride safely, encourage each other to achieve their best and respect each other.

Thanet RC has been “cycling for generations” and is “a cycling club for all”.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me by email or in person at any of the events.

Michael Friend

Time Trial Secretary (Thanet RC)