This week, the weather certainly came into the “unsettled” category! An hour before the start, it was warm, bright and breezy. With less than 10 minutes to go before the start, the heavens opened and soaked all concerned, and then just after the start, the sun came out and the wind dropped away. This actually gave some good conditions and quite a number of riders improved on the times they recorded the previous week.

In total we had 44 riders, consisting of 11 juniors and 33 seniors.

Fastest junior was Olly Dickson with 23.36, who was able to borrow a spare wheel after getting a puncture on the start line. Another puncture victim was Olllie Robinson who managed to finish in third with 25.14. It was good to see new member Toby Yemm riding his first 10 mile TT, and congratulations go to Felix Higgs, who rode his mother’s mountain bike for his first go at a “10”.

Once again, second claim member Chris Fennell was the fastest senior with 20.32. Second place went to an ex Thanet RC member, Jason McGowon (One & All) who was on holiday in the area. Jason recorded 21.33, just edging out Seb Dickson into third place. Seb was fastest Thanet RC rider with 21.35.

All time can be found in the attachments.

This weeks helpers were Teresa Childs, Emma Dickson, Mick Cooper, Chris Redmond, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin

Juniors Fowlmead 13th August.xls

Seniors Fowlmead 13th August.xls