After the relative calm of last week, the NE wind returned to Fowlmead for the latest evening “10”. While many riders went quite a bit slower than last week’s times, one rider equalled his time, and a few actually improved by a few seconds. These included Ollie Robinson and Michael Friend with course PB’s.

In total, 38 riders signed on, with just 5 juniors, but 33 seniors. Fastest junior yet again was Ollie Robinson with 21.57 and the honour of being fastest Thanet RC rider overall. Regarding the seniors, second claim member Chris Fennell was the fastest with 20.34, and Simon Henderson was the fastest Thanet RC senior in third place with 22.17. Times can be found in the attached files.

Helpers this week were Teresa Childs, Trevor Hammond, Tony Arnold, Terry Fearn, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors Fowlmead 12th August.xls

Seniors Fowlmead 12th August.xls