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Social Riding and The Club Run.

Not all our members race ... in fact the majority do not.

The mainstay of the social riding are the club runs on Sundays. IT IS NOT A RACE ...

A a result of its popularity the Sunday ride is now usually split into 2 (or 3) groups.

Any rider is welcome to join any group and guests are welcome from other clubs as are unattached riders. If you join a group that is slower than your usual pace please respect the pace of that group by not forcing it on. If unattached rides enjoy the group rides we'd expect them to join up after 3 or 4 rides.

This has the benefit of keeping the groups to a manageable size making it easier for traffic to pass the groups and offering riders the opportunity to select a group with a pace suitable to their needs.

There are two groups planned each week and if any group is overly popular then that may then split into further groups to keep from forming large pelotons.

A "leader" will identify themselves and will provide navigational assistance. They are not their to coach riders or be responsible for the saftey or actions of others.

Riders are of course responsible for their own safety and actions.

Please review these club guidelines for the Sunday Rides >>>

Please review the Risk Assesment so you are aware of the risks of the rides >>>

Please review these BC Guidlines >>>

It is the intention of ride leaders to vary the route based on conditions and who is riding so make sure you understand what is planned before you set off.

There are 2 (or 3) rides; Steady, Medium and the Fast Training Group.

New riders and unattached riders are encouraged to start with the Steady group before progressing to the medium or fast groups.


Target pace 16-18 mph
Planned distance 55 miles
Start Time: 9:00am
Cafe Stop: Yes
Start Location : The Monkton Gate: http://goo.gl/maps/xtcJ3

Here is an example ride - average speed 16.4mph https://www.strava.com/activities/2121942813

Fast Group (this does not always happen ...)

Target pace 17-19 mph
Planned distance 55 - 80 miles
Start Time: 9:00am
Cafe Stop: Maybe
Start Location : The Monkton Gate: http://goo.gl/maps/xtcJ3

Only do this ride if you are confident you can go the distance at the speed. If in doubt, get there in time for the fast ride and talk it over with the leaders.

Here is an example ride average 18.1mph http://www.strava.com/activities/206441140

Note: Whilst the groups start from the same location it is likely that the fast group will not follow the same route as the Medium group so please don't join the fast group thinking that you can sit up after a few miles and get picked up by the medium group ... they will most probably be on a different route.

Also: Note the mileage above does not include any riding you may do to get the the meet-up point and the last few miles it may take you to get home.

Please review these guidelines for the Sunday Rides >>>



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